Composting Service
for Your Home or Business

Offering a convenient way for you to make a big difference with weekly food waste collection. Be a part of the change and never wonder where your waste goes again.



Be intentional about your impact! Each week, collect your kitchen food scraps in your convenient countertop bin. Then, we pick up your scraps and convert them into nutrient dense soil for local farmers to use.


Your business can make a big impact! We provide collection bins and easy instructions for employees to follow. Great for restaurants, breweries, hotels, offices, and schools.


Interested in a zero-waste wedding or event? We’ll take care of diverting your waste so you don’t have to! Perfect for weddings, BBQs, parties, workshops, conferences, and more!

The Scoop on Scraps

Scraps is a locally owned, community centric, food scrap recycling business that offers clean and convenient composting services to businesses, organizations and residential customers throughout the greater Winston-Salem region. Scraps is here to do the dirty work for you! Want to learn more about how we got started OR the importance of composting?  Click the button below to read more!